Thursday, 20 September 2012

RAD Studio mobile support

With the removal of the support (admittedly placeholder support) for iOS in RAD Studio XE3 there has been an unsurprising volume of wailing and gnashing of teeth. To answer questions such as what, when, how etc. the RAD Studio Mobile Roadmap has now been made public.

From this we see that native ARM compilers for Delphi and C++Builder are in the works targeting native iOS and native Android along with a FireMonkey Mobile Framework (with sensor support and native UX) and associated mobile designers (with form factor and orientation awareness).

The planned timeframes for all this are as follows:

  • Mobile Beta Program, available to XE3 customers, opening late 2012
  • iOS Edition, planned for release in first half of 2013
  • Android Edition, planned for release in mid-2013

Delphi XE3 Professional and C++Builder XE3 Professional customers should be able to get the iOS and Android add-ons at low cost. Customers with the Enterprise Editions of the products or any version of RAD Studio XE3 will either get the mobile packs through Software Assurance or as low-cost upgrades. [ Updated to have the stated facts be, er, factual ]