Thursday 20 September 2012

CodeRage 7

Following on from the success of CodeRage 6 and CodeRage 5 before that, it makes sense that the next iteration of Embarcadero’s free online multi-day technical conference is to be called CodeRage 7 and will be here in a matter of weeks!

This year there is a Delphi CodeRage held November 6th to 8th (that’s a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and then a separate C++ CodeRage will run through November 13th to 15th (again a Tue-Thu).

There’s sure to be some great sessions through these CodeRage conferences. If you’re in the VCL or FireMonkey worlds then good technical content is yours for the taking by attending CodeRage.

If you’re a deft exponent of some aspect of the VCL or FireMonkey libraries, or can pass on Delphi or C++Builder tips, tricks and techniques, then submit a paper.

Registration for CodeRage 7 opens in October.

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