Thursday 15 May 2014

Delphi Developer Days

Cary Jensen and Bob Swart are well into their Delphi Developer Days 2014 tour, having travelled around America and shortly to hit Europe and the UK. Tour dates are here.

As well as a varied agenda of Delphi sessions (full details here), each stop has a different guest speaker.

For example Jim McKeeth (Embarcadero), Nick Hodges and Ray Konopka (Raize Software) have been on the bill in America, and Bruno Fierens (TMS Software) and Michael Phillipenko and Denis Zubov (FastReports) are lined up for Europe.

When the tour gets to London I’m delighted to announce that I’m on the agenda as the guest speaker!

So this is a quick heads up that if you’re booked onto the tour at London, I’ll see you there when I’m up talking about creative debugging techniques. This is an updated version of a talk that was popular when I was more active on the conference circuit some decade or more ago.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Launching other activities from Delphi Android apps

Following on from my recent post about adding Android app splash screens in Delphi XE5 and Delphi XE6 I’ve now spent some time writing up details on how to launch various Android system activities. This includes the more interesting business of getting feedback from launched activities; a common use case here is using a barcode scanner and finding what barcode what scanned.

Again there are two articles, one for Delphi XE5 and one for Delphi XE6. The XE5 version is much longer as it involves documenting a whole bunch of command-line shenanigans (much like for the splash screen) to hook the activity results. This is made much easier in Delphi XE6, thankfully.

I’ve tried to do a thorough coverage of the subject matter, highlighting any issues I bumped into – I hope it is of use to anyone tinkering with Android apps in Delphi.