Saturday 8 December 2018

CodeRage 2018 (redux)

This year at CodeRage 2018 I presented a session on Creative Delphi Debugging Techniques.

Other than my speaking volume being a bit quiet, it generated a number of very nice comments about the subjects covered so I thought it might be useful to mention that it is available for on-demand viewing as part of the CodeRage 2018 Replay.

There is free enrolment in the conference replay and my session, along with the session slides and sample files, can be found here.

If you watch it I hope you turn up your PC volume and get a lot out of it to hopefully help with your debugging exercises!

RAD Studio 10.3 Rio’s Android Intent support (or current lack thereof)

Sometimes when a new product is released there are a few ‘teething issues’. That certainly seems to be the case with RAD Studio 10.3 Rio. Both Delphi and C++Builder are hitting a few problems on various fronts. Now, it is true that internally in the product there has been a lot of change in the IDE, the VCL and FireMonkey, and perhaps it is therefore unsurprising a few slip-ups will have occurred.

It is, however, quite annoying when you fall foul of these slip-ups and have to wait for a fix….

The issue I want to address in this post is the breakage in the Android support for registering an interest in knowing about certain Intent objects received by the app. This is normally achieved by a call to MainActivity.registerIntentAction, as pseudo-documented here (when it was introduced in RAD Studio 10 Seattle) and here (in reference to a sample app) on Embarcadero's docwiki and illustrated here in my article on NFC usage.

This new Intent support worked nicely in RAD Studio 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin and 10.2 Tokyo. Not so in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio. You get a crash when trying to register a new Intent that you want to act upon.

Sunday 2 December 2018

CodeRage 2018

Just when I thought conference season was over, CodeRage 2018 came rapidly into view!

I like CodeRage – there’s always a good range of session subjects to choose from, and alwyas a range of good speakers to listen to.

I’ve had sessions at a few CodeRage conferences over the years, CodeRage 7, CodeRage 8, CodeRage XI and CodeRage XII. I’m pleased to continue that trend with a session at CodeRage 2018 – the official web page is at and the registration page is at

This year I’m presenting my session on Creative Delphi Debugging Techniques. This session has been received positively when I’ve presented a trimmed down version of it to audiences at various conferences around Europe so I thought it would be an ideal session to present in full at CodeRage 2018 and have it available online ongoing.

I’ll be online on Wednesday 5th December at 5pm CST (UTC-6), which is 11pm GMT and the session will last 90 minutes (an hour and a half!). If you can stop by my session I’d really appreciate it, and hopefully you’ll pick up a few tips about some of the Delphi debugger features and possibly lose some of the fear of the CPU window… (yes, we’ll be spending some time in the CPU window!).

Have a fantastic CodeRage 2018!