Sunday 2 December 2018

CodeRage 2018

Just when I thought conference season was over, CodeRage 2018 came rapidly into view!

I like CodeRage – there’s always a good range of session subjects to choose from, and alwyas a range of good speakers to listen to.

I’ve had sessions at a few CodeRage conferences over the years, CodeRage 7, CodeRage 8, CodeRage XI and CodeRage XII. I’m pleased to continue that trend with a session at CodeRage 2018 – the official web page is at and the registration page is at

This year I’m presenting my session on Creative Delphi Debugging Techniques. This session has been received positively when I’ve presented a trimmed down version of it to audiences at various conferences around Europe so I thought it would be an ideal session to present in full at CodeRage 2018 and have it available online ongoing.

I’ll be online on Wednesday 5th December at 5pm CST (UTC-6), which is 11pm GMT and the session will last 90 minutes (an hour and a half!). If you can stop by my session I’d really appreciate it, and hopefully you’ll pick up a few tips about some of the Delphi debugger features and possibly lose some of the fear of the CPU window… (yes, we’ll be spending some time in the CPU window!).

Have a fantastic CodeRage 2018!

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