Friday 25 May 2012

InterBase links/info

This week’s instalment of the UK-based Developer Direct webinar series is called From Data to Business Information with RAD Studio XE2, which focused on InterBase, the multi-platform database that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. The following is a set of links and general information picked up during the broadcast.



  • Access InterBase from Delphi/C++Builder using:
    • InterBase Express (IBX) – components on the InterBase page of the tool/component palette. These surface lots of InterBase-specific functionality
    • dbExpress (DBX) – components on the dbExpress page of the tool/component palette. This accesses InterBase to the same level that any other database can be accessed.
  • InterBase supports triggers, which are special cases of stored procedures that are automatically called before/after insert/update/delete calls
  • InterBase supports events to notify client apps (e.g. using TIBEvents IBX component) of things of interest to avoid the need for polling. Event alerters in the DB are special cases of stored procedures associated with insert, delete or update operations.

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