Thursday 29 September 2011

Delphi and OS X

There are more posts and articles coming out illustrating how to work with cross-platform native aspects (OS X and iOS).

Accessing special folders both on Windows and on OS X are looked at by Malcolm Groves in ‘Cross-platform special folders in FireMonkey

Looking at how to convert from an NSString to a Delphi String is examined by Chris Rolliston in ‘Converting from a Cocoa string to a Delphi string.’ Chris is also sharing some general Mac tips for Delphi programmers in ‘A few Mac tips.’

Rudy Velthuis has looked into how to build an OS X application in Delphi without FireMonkey. Details of his progress are in this thread on the Embarcadero Discussion Forums.

There are more articles out there and more will be forthcoming. I’ll post more links as I find interesting write-ups.

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