Wednesday 30 March 2011

Google Web Fonts

There appears to be an endless series of interesting things that Google offers developers that I've yet to bump into...

One more to knock off the list now is Google Web Fonts (and the Google Web Fonts API). There’s a great list of fonts there that are easy enough to embed into a web page (assuming you can get at the <head> tag).

Additionally, designers who want to play with these fonts can find a shortcut way of downloading/adding them all en masse in this blog post.

And yes, I should have showed off a few of the fonts in this post, but that involves messing with the whole blog template to get at the <head> tag, so I opted for the easier route of not doing so :)


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  4. Google seems to make everything easier (except of course SEO Philippines). Sometimes I wish they would just tell us exactly what to do to get a decent page rank!

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