Thursday 28 July 2011

“Project Cooper” launch pencilled in

RemObjects have added the SDN's October 2011 Software Developer Conference (SDC) in Zeist, Netherlands to their events page. The events listed on that page are conferences and events that feature sessions and material on RemObjects products, such as Delphi Prism and the W.I.P. “Project Cooper” (a Delphi Prism-like tool for building, debugging and deploying Java and Android applications).

I mention the SDN Conference in particular because this is where “Project Cooper” will be officially launched. On the evening of Monday, October 3rd I will be delivering the launch presentation, currently entitled: Presenting: Project “Cooper” - The Oxygene Language for Java and Android.

On Tuesday, October 4th I will be giving another two “Project Cooper” sessions, looking at specifics of Java and Android development. These additional sessions are still being worked out and will be made known closer to the conference date.

1 comment:

  1. Regretfully, these sessions now will not be happening, after the decision has been made to cancel the SDC conference.