Tuesday 21 June 2011

Podcast on “Project Cooper”

I recorded a podcast recently for RemObjects, and was interviewed by their technical evangelist Jim McKeeth. We talked about various things including Java, .NET, Mono and Mono for Android, but the chat was mostly focused on “Project Cooper”.

You can find the podcast on the RemObjects Radio site.


  1. Hi, thanks for the interesting podcast.
    Would be great if you could post some of your codeexamples to github, just for showing off how nice Object Pascal code looks in comparison to Java.

  2. Hmm, github, yes I must really get onto that.
    The iterations of the compiler are still shaking down some issues here and there, but several of the examples are now in a final form, though others are waiting for some final tweaks to clean them up for general consumption.
    I'll do what I can over coming weeks to get some stuff online.