Thursday, 26 September 2013

Nostalgia. Is it just a thing of the past?

I was put onto this treasure trove of old scanned manuals the other day: It contains a huge directory hierarchy of PDF scans of old product manuals from all sorts of vendors. And that’s scans of the whole manuals, not just the front covers.

Want to brush up on your Turbo Pascal 7 language? Or review the details of the Turbo Pascal Graphix Toolbox (all the Turbo Pascal manuals are here, while Turbo C manuals are here and Borland C++ manuals are here)? Or recollect the specific of Sidekick Plus (Sidekick manuals are here)? Or be reminded how Turbo Prolog worked (Turbo Prolog manuals are here)?

Turbo Pascal Reference Manual

All this and more are there as PDFs. And not just old Borland manuals. Oh no, browse up the directory tree and you can find oodles of stuff on say, the Apple Lisa (Apple’s manuals start here and the Lisa manuals are here).

What a great resource for those who like to look back from time to time :o)

ObjectVision Reerence Manual

Take a browse through and see how many product manuals you’ve forgotten all about.

Turbo C User's Guide

Ahhh, product manuals. Those were the days!

Oh, and while on the subject of manuals, back in the day the Borland documentation team did like to have a bit of fun in their work. The Delphi 1 manuals contained a couple of Easter Eggs.