Tuesday 6 November 2012

New Delphi Product Manager announced

Congratulations to Marco Cantù who has just been announced as the new Delphi Product Manager.

Let’s hope his years of Delphi experience and expertise are a great positive input into the team and that the general outlook for Delphi continues to bounce back.

Good luck Marco in your new rôle!


  1. Thx for the CodeRage presentation Brian.

  2. Two things sir:
    1) Get your blog on DelphiFeeds.com if not on it already
    2) I emailed you and have not heard back, other than phone any other way to contact you?
    Barton Stano
    bartshopper at publishorperish periodcom

    1. It is on DelphiFeeds, thanks for checking though, and contact has been established now I'm 'back in the room' :)