Sunday 3 April 2011

Endurance Walk

I’m part of a team of 4 people who are currently training for an endurance walk on July 16th and 17th, 2011. Of course, we’ve probably all gone for long walks every now and again but this is something a little different to a regular long walk. This is a walk across England’s South Downs that will continue for 100 kilometres (or 62 miles) and it is going to be done in a one go, without any breaks for sneaky restorative naps.

The team is called Blood, Sweat and Beers and consists of Jim, Elaine, Gordon and myself. The endurance walk is organised by Oxfam and is raising money for Oxfam and for the Gurkha Welfare Trust in an event called Trailwalker UK 2011. There will be 550 teams doing the event and around 80% of the teams are expected to complete the full 100 kilometres.

Rest assured this is a real test of both physical endurance as well as mental fitness. Having heard from people who have previously entered the event, it is gruelling, painful, testing and punishing, but also rewarding and of course a massive personal challenge. It has been described as an ultra-marathon. Team Blood, Sweat and Beers are hoping to complete the challenge in under 25 hours.

As a team we are looking for sponsors to help bolster our motivation and training and to incentivise us to push ourselves to our maximum ability. Funds raised will be used by the Gurkha Welfare Trust to help reduce poverty for ex-Gurkhas and dependents and by Oxfam for their invaluable work in emergency relief in poverty-stricken areas around the world. Anything donated will be appreciated equally by Oxfam and the GWT, as well as by Team Blood Sweat & Beers.

Any donations by UK tax payers are eligible for Gift Aid, which immediately adds an extra 25% to the donation at no extra cost to yourself – it’s reclaimed from HMRC. Please agree to Gift Aid when asked.

The team has already completed a number of training walks, with the distances increasing as time goes by. We have a training plan and things are going well so far, but we need to raise £1500 in sponsorships to help us through the event.

For any donations you can offer, Team Blood Sweat & Beers appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Please visit the team page and make your donation now!.

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