Thursday 19 September 2013

Delphi supports iOS 7

Good to see prompt Delphi support for iOS 7, as reported by Embo’s Sarina DuPont. It’s out and available for download from the registered users site a mere 1 day after iOS 7 was released.

Documentation for the new support is on the docwiki.

I can’t help noticing, though, that it appears to be an XE5-only update. This is not good news for those still beavering away with iOS code in XE4.

I’m sure I remember hearing talk of support for iOS 7 shortly after iOS 7’s release for XE4 iOS programmers.

Let’s hope there’s an XE4 update to follow real soon, otherwise this will throw another bone of contention into the mix, and the blogosphere will once again be alight…..


  1. Thank you for adding a heavy weight name to this argument, Brian.

  2. Its a bad, bad, bad Embarcadero decision:

    For FireMonkey UI controls, iOS7 is supported only through XE5.

    Dave Nottage [TeamB]

  3. I bought Delphi XE4+Mobile Pack. Update is XE5 only, have to pay approx , 850 dollars again.

    I am still learning , and my app requirement is small, perhaps i can learn some Objective C.

    Will try to see if ios6 version works though.

    But Delphi i will try, if possible only to upgrade when it stops working on Desktop WIN/MAC os.(Hopefully 10+ years ;) )