Tuesday 6 November 2012

New Delphi Product Manager announced

Congratulations to Marco Cantù who has just been announced as the new Delphi Product Manager.

Let’s hope his years of Delphi experience and expertise are a great positive input into the team and that the general outlook for Delphi continues to bounce back.

Good luck Marco in your new rôle!

CodeRage is on!

As I type, Bob Swart has just finished running through the first CodeRage 7 session. The full session list for CodeRage 7 is here and the registration form is here.

You can keep an eye on what’s going on using the #coderage Twitter tag.

If you are outside the PST timezone you may be interested in this timezone-adjusted conference schedule for CodeRage 7 from HREF.


Monday 5 November 2012

Conference season has arrived!

The Delphi conference season has definitely arrived. Starting tomorrow (November 6-8 2012) we have Embo’s CodeRage 7 – this is the first of the 2 free online CodeRage 7 conferences, this one being the Delphi conference. You can register using this link. These three days are packed with great Delphi information, so try and catch as many sessions as you can.

I’m in the schedule as session 3 on the first day (7am PST on Tuesday 6th November) giving a 40 minute run-through of my favourite productivity tips in the RAD Studio IDE. I hope you pick up a shortcut tip or two in the session :o)

Straight after my session, at 8am PST, John Thomas will give the Delphi Product Address, including a special announcement and a live ‘mystery’ guest (according to DavidI).

Next up for me, well it’s not a conference, but I’m presenting a session on RemObjects’ Project “Nougat” (a native iOS and OS X compiler, which uses the same Pascal-based Oxygene compiler as Embarcadero Prism) at a UK Developer’s Group meeting on Monday 19th November.

Then, on Thursday 22nd November I’m off to Antwerp in Belgium to show Project “Nougat” to a room full of Delphi developers at the second annual Be Delphi conference. This is set to be a great two-track conference with speakers including Marco Cantu, Bob Swart and Bruno Fierens.

On Monday 3rd December in Arnhem, the Netherlands a special SDE+ event is being run by the SDN with Delphi speakers including Cary Jensen and Marco Cantu. I’ll be delivering a full length version of the IDE productivity tips session and also doing an evening session where I’ll introduce more developers to Project “Nougat”.

Finally this year for me the C++ version of CodeRage 7 is running December 10-12. A repeat broadcast of my 40 minute RAD Studio productivity tips session is the 23rd session and opens up the last day at 6am PST on Wednesday 12th December.

It’s a busy conference season for me, and I hope to bump into some blog readers at the conferences over the coming months.

Help Update for XE3

In the vein of catching up on last week’s news, I notice that there is a replacement for the Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3 (and RAD Studio XE3) help system available. It’s marked as Help Update 1, but the instructions require you to remove the original help before installing this whopping 908MB download.

This full help replacement has a bunch of corrections and updated pages as well as new tutorial sections.

I’ll doubtless install this update, but to be honest I usually forget to use the installed help these days, after being so frequently disappointed by it during the Delphi 8/2005/2006 era. Generally I tend to go straight to the online documentation site if I have an Internet connection, which I get on pretty well with these days.

Free issue of Blaise Pascal magazine to registered users

I must have missed this one being announced, but registered users of XE, XE2 and XE3 products can pull down a free copy of Blaise Pascal, the magazine for all things Pascal-based.

Details are on this edn post by Tim DelChiaro and you can pull down the PDF magazine from Code Central.

The free issue, Issue 24, runs to 120 pages and has a number of articles from notable authors (such as Cary Jensen, Bob Swart and Bruno Fierens) on a variety of subjects including FireMonkey 2, Smart Mobile Studio, HTML 5, Delphi XE3 Styles, Delphi XE3 helper types, and interviews with various industry luminaries, including Marco Cantu, Mike Rozlog, marc hoffman and David I.

Also in the issue is my second article on Oxygene for Java: Supporting new android features in old android versions with Oxygene.

Download the magazine – I hope you like the contents!