Thursday 3 March 2011

Old Blog Posts

I mentioned somewhere that I had a couple of faltering attempts at blogs in the past. I posted a few things, but the blogs died and disappeared off the web, so I lost them. This was a shame, as one of them was a vaguely detailed analysis of a tricky problem causing a VBScript overflow on some hardware, which was partly assessed with WinDbg. I couldn't remember how the situation progressed and was rather cross that I hadn't kept a record of the old blog posts.

And then I remembered the Internet Archive Way Back Machine.

And so now I have all my old blog posts back. I’ve popped them all in one of this blog’s pages over there on the right.

There are 6 old posts in all:

  • Conditional Defines, etc. from 19th June 2004. This post runs through various conditional symbols defined by various versions of Delphi, as well as the conditional constants defined in Delphi 6 and later. Various product release dates are also listed.
  • Pure evil? Me? from 19th June 2004 . A trawl through the guts of .NET’s WinForms to get a list of all the windows in a WinForms app, with masterful code from Embarcadero’s Roy Nelson.
  • Stories Of The Demise Of Brian's Blog Are Greatly Overstated from 26th November 2006. An intro post on a new blog I briefly started.
  • Shortcuts from 26th November 2006. Some useful Windows keyboard shortcuts and tips.
  • TechEd Developers 2006 from from 27th November 2006. A report from the Microsoft conference I spoke at.
  • Problems at Work from 20th December 2006. An analysis of a gnarly problem on certain hardware that resulted in an unexpected overflow message in VBScript.

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