Saturday 14 October 2017


I’m delighted to say that later this month I’ll be over in Cologne speaking at EKON 21, which runs from 23rd to 25th October, 2017 and is being held in Cologne in Germany.  I’m doing three Delphi-related talks on some of my favourite subjects: creative debugging, Android API usage and IDE tips/techniques.

Unfortunately, though, being as all three talks are in the same day, Tuesday 24th October, I’m not sure I’ll get to see much of the other great talks on offer, which is a shame for me.

It’s great to be heading back to EKON – I haven’t been over to Germany for a conference since long ago in 2004 at the joint BorCon Europe 2004 / EKON 8 conference in Frankfurt.

In 2004 I was into interoperability between unmanaged code (Win32 and COM) and .NET code, as well as building .NET profiling tools. This year my Android talk is not a million miles from those old interoperability talks, looking at how to reach out from unmanaged Delphi Android ARM code to managed Java code, for various purposes and reasons.

The debugging talk continues my efforts to help Delphi developers get better value for money from their debugger and debugging tools. This is a mission I’ve been on since the start of this century after having been inspired after watching Danny Thorpe do an excellent session at a BorCon in the late 90s, showing how to really utilise the CPU window and not see it simply as a source of horror.

The IDE tips talk is also an evolution of a session I’ve done on and off over the course of this century, trying to share knowledge of the IDE, code editor and so on that will help you do your job just that bit faster.

These talks are all based around Delphi although the concepts (and in some cases the specifics) are equally as applicable to C++Builder. I spend a lot of my working day working with C++Builder with a few regular clients and it is still a goal of mine to start getting more C++Builder information onto this blog.

If any readers are going to EKON 21, I hope to see you there and look forward to a great conference!

[ As seems to usually be the case, it’s been a much longer gap than I would like since I last put pen finger to paper keyboard for this blog. Mea culpa – I will endeavour to allot more time for this sort of thing, or more particularly for posts of general practical value ]

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  1. I don't live in Germany unfortunately, but it's good to hear from you again.