Thursday 23 May 2013

Windows Tools

I’ve long been a fan of the SysInternals looks from Mark Russinovich, available from Microsoft Technet (or this shorter alias: These include:

  • Process Explorer – a Task Manager replacement that gives oodles of information about running processes
  • Process Monitor – a tool that shows live file, registry and network access
  • AutoRuns – a tool that shows all the things that have set themselves up to auto-start with your system

Use of these tools has helped solve many a problem. But I’ve just bumped into another splendid process analysis tool called Process Hacker. This one is open source and accessible from SourceForge. It can drill down and show additional information that Process Explorer misses, such as showing programs with active network connections, management of services and real time disk access.

This looks great; a very useful addition to the problem-solving arsenal!

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