Thursday 15 December 2011

VCL to FireMonkey converter

Those of you getting to grips with Delphi XE2 and its portable and powerful FireMonkey component library will perhaps have wondered at the effort in porting VCL code to this new framework. manual conversion is very achievable but rather time-consuming and very laborious.

So it was with interest today that I happened upon Mida, a tool for doing the ‘grunt-work’ of the conversion. Some of the Mida features include:

  • support for converting around 250 components
  • converts VCL data-aware controls to FireMonkey controls with appropriate LiveBindings set up
  • support for custom component conversion for cases of components not yet covered by Mida
  • support for updating source code that is known to not be FireMonkey-compatible

Mida is being developed by Mauro Botta and seems to be getting regular updates and enhancements. You can read about Mida, which costs €99 or $US133, at its website or blog or Facebook page.

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