Wednesday 7 September 2011

In-depth Delphi programming articles/posts

I’ve just bumped into a great list of resources for Delphi programmers using a version from Delphi 2005 onwards. It’s a directory called TIndex and has been put together by Lachlan Gemmell.
It’s not your usual ‘how to get started’ type resources. It covers much more in-depth and advanced topics, such as the new(-ish) $POINTERMATH and $STRINGCHECKS compiler directives, enhanced RTTI, Win64 and OS X posts, anonymous methods, generics, and of course posts on FireMonkey.
Check TIndex out at


  1. Thanks for the plug, but would you mind updating those URLs to start with "www" please. I haven't got around to getting the TIndex running on the main domain address yet.