Friday 20 May 2011

Alternative to Reflector available

Tools vendor JetBrains have announced development of an alternative to Reflector.

You’ll recall that Reflector was originally developed and maintained by Microsoft’s Lutz Roeder and for many years was a free tool. Not so long ago it was taken over by Redgate Software and remained free for a while, but then got a price tag attached to it (you can have a 14-day trial but after that it will cost you $35 or £20.

JetBrains have announced dotPeek, which is to do similar things to Reflector and will be free forever. An Early Access Program (EAP) is now open and you can download an early build and have a play.

Like Reflector, it supports navigating to types, symbols and members, will decompile to C#, support searching, support source servers, locate derived symbols, use syntax highlighting and so on.

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